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La Nazione Firenze - Art & Culture 2015

“The art of Gianfranco Mello in the magical laboratory once belonged to Giambologna”

Firenze is a treasure chest of art that hides its most precious stones  in silent places, far from the frenetic rhytm of the city of turism. In places like the Fondazione Mello-Studio d’Arte Le Colonne, you enter history and discover the contemporaneity. The place where Giambologna created his masterpieces, today reflect the colours and light of a venetian painter in the land of Tuscany.

We are in Borgo Pinti at numbers 22-24. Here Gianfranco Mello shows his magnificent production of works. The Foundation expresses as a place of culture on various fronts: as Studio atelier and as a place to enjoy fine cultural initiatives such as poetry readings, musical moments and intellectual conviviality. The first thing that strikes immediately the attention is however the energy of the works painted outdoors in the open by Mello.


We remember that the master, Originally from Venice, he moved very young to Florence following the family. Father Bruno is a teacher in charge of the scenography school at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. painter and important man of the theater. Gianfranco has always painted. The first solo exhibition held at the Lyceum, dates back to 1950 at the age of 17. In 1957 he held a personal exhibition at the “Saletta del Fiorino” in Florence, on the occasion of the tribute to Mario Luzi Marzotto Prize 1956 for poetry and to Domenico Rea, guest of Florence. Participates in important national exhibitions and receives awards and prizes, among which we remember the “Lorenzo Viani” Award of Honor for the Arts, ed Golden emblem with Fiorino obtained with the painters E. Vedova and L. pan sweeper The award-winning work “The Cello Player” is located at Gallery of Modern Art of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In 1963 the master receives the First National Prize “Città di Viareggio” and the medal d’ Oro of the President of the Republic Antonio Segni….