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La Nazione-Firenze Art & Culture November 2016

“Venezia and Firenze, light and design. There is the renaissance in Mello’s art”

A Venetian artist in Firenze. After grasping the poetic nuances of lagoon mist, Gianfranco Mello has captured the light of the glimpses Renaissance.
The Venetian painter, Florentine by adoption, is exhibiting in what once was the Giambologna workshop at 22 and 24 Borgo Pinti in Firenze. In this enchanted place, great art history has lived on for centuries, and Mello’s large paintings create an enchanted atmosphere of exciting colors.

The Fondazione Mello-Studio d’Arte Le Colonne, is based in the rooms that once belonged to Giambologna and her commitment is expressed in the production of the Mello Studio atelier and in the programming of cultural initiatives.

A full calendar of reading and music meetings will be presented by next spring.

2006 Borgo Pinti - One of the rooms