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La Nazione Firenze - Art & Culture October 2015

“From the colors of Venezia to Giambologna, the boundless light of Gianfranco Mello”

The colour and light of a venetian painter in land of Tuscany. This intense byword syntezises the significance of the Artist’s residence of a painter Gianfranco Mello in the heart of the capital of the Renaissance.

The Fondazione Mello-Studio d’Arte Le Colonne  narrates in its spaces the alternance of art history  through the centuries. Once Giambologna’s workshop, today the rooms of Fondazione Mello welcome the colour and light of the Venetian artist and the many initiatives open to contemporary culture.

At number 22-24 of the street named Borgo Pinti, Gianfranco Mello exhibits his magnificient production of works, which reflect the light of nature.

The Foundation’s commitment  has two objectives: the production of Mello’s  atelier and the program of cultural initiatives. In this meeting place, poetry, readings, musical moments, intellectual encounters alternate. Entering the Studio where te great sixteenth century sculptor once worked, visitors are enveloped by the energy of Mello’s works painted “en plain air”.


We remember that Maestro Mello, originally from Venice, moved to Florence at a very young age following his family. His father Bruno is a designate teacher of the school of scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Firenze, a painter and an important theater man. Gianfranco has been painting for as long as he can remember. The first solo exhibition held at the Lyceum, dates back to 1950 at the age of 17. In 1957 he held a solo exhibition at the “Saletta del Fiorino” in Firenze, on the occasion of the homage to Mario Luzi prize Marzotto 1956 for poetry, and to Domenico Rea a guest of Florence. He takes part in important national exhibitions and received recognition and prizes, including the Premio d’Onore delle Arti ‘Lorenzo Viani’ and Emblema d’Oro con Fiorino achieved with the painters E. Vedova and L. Spazzapan.