"A Venetian Painter’s Use of Colour and Light in Tuscany".

The Places of painting
After having worked, while very young, in his Via dei Conti studio, Mello moved to his studio in Piazza dei Ciompi and to the one in Impruneta. From here, in moments free from teaching at the Don Gnocchi Institute in Pozzolatico, he reached various parts of the neighbouring countryside and, with all his equipment, painted directly “en plein air,” even large-scale canvasses. He continues to paint “en plein air” in his studios in Borgo Pinti, in Viuzzo di Monteripaldi and in Via San Michele a Monteripaldi. These shots were taken in Borgo Pinti, in Piazza dei Ciompi and in Via San Michele a Monteripaldi.

Also to be considered a “Place of Painting” is the new, recently opened studio in which most of his works, particularly his large paintings, are displayed.
A unique space located in Florence at Borgo Pinti 22-24, it was once, as stated in two inscriptions founds inside, the residence and studio of the sculptor Jean de Boulogne, better as Gianbologna.

…Terra, tu sei per me piena di grazia.
Finché vicino a te mi sentirò
così bambino, fin che la mia pena
in te si scioglierà come la nuvola
nel sole,
io non maledirò d’essere nato.

Io mi sono seduto qui per terra
con le due mani aperte sopra l’erba,
guardandomi amorosamente intorno.
E mentre così guardo,
mi si bagna di calde dolci lacrime la faccia,

Camillo Sbarbaro